Snake Qigong

Instructors: Laoshi Andy Lee & Shixing Erik Schreiber

Date: Mondays

Time: 6:00 to 6:45 pm

Price: See "Price for the Center Classes"

What is Snake Qigong? Snake Qigong will employ the sound for the lungs. It will increase breath and aid in blood pressure reduction as well as help all respiratory aggravations. There is no observation of this class or free demo. Please call or email for more information. What is Qigong? The purpose is to gain awareness of proper body alignment, learn how to release body tension, regulate the breath, and quiet the mind.

  1. Hug a tree/Zhan Zhuang
    1. Sit, stand or lay down to do the Microcosmic Orbit.
    2. IF you do it sitting down. Please keep your palms up on your thigh.
  2. Hold center for 18 breathes
    1. Hold left empty stance for 18 breathes
    2. Hold right empty stance for 18 breathes toe=toe
  3. Falling Leaves
    1. Left and right
  4. Snake Hissing
    1. Left and Right
  5. Charmer's Fan
    1. Fan the world 6 times
    2. Lady
    3. Circle the world 3 times
  6. Snake Knocks on Door
    1. Alternate
  7. Snake Covers Mate
    1. 9 each side alternating
  8. Snake Peeks around corner
    1. Pigeon Toe Stretch
    2. Note: right and left, but does not alternate.
  9. Dusting off (9 times)
    1. Tarzan's Yell
  10. Across the Floor
    1. Yielding snake strikes (Vertical: Opposite Arm to leg)
    2. Sidewinder slides Over Rock (Horizontal: Same arm as leg)
    3. Cobra Spits
    4. Cobra Dances

Gathering Chi/Qi

3 Buckets of Water

3 hugs to eyes

3 hugs to heart/chest

3 hugs to belly

3 buckets of water

Shake Bounce