I started practicing Yang Style Tai Chi in February 1996 and have been a student at Andy Lee Tai Chi Chuan Center of New Jersey for the past 11 years. I have studied the 12 Movement Form, the 13 Movement Form, the 18 Movement Form, the 24 Movement Form, the Open Hand 49 Movement form and the traditional 103 Movement form. I recently started to study the 13 Saber form.

In June 2004 I became certified to teach the Tai Chi for Arthritis Form that was designed by Dr. Paul Lam. I have been teaching this Sun form for the past 3 1/2 years at adult communities and at assisted living Facilities. I am a member of the Tai Chi for Health Community and the Martial Arts for the Handicapable.

I have had the privilege of traveling to China this past summer to be part of the Opening Ceremony at the Third International Tai Chi Tournament and to study at a seminar with Master Yang Jun. I have also attended Master Yang Jun’s annual workshops hosted by our Center in New Jersey since February 2003.

I live in Marlboro, New Jersey and in the winter months I am a snowbird in Florida with my husband. We have two children and three wonderful grandchildren.