Since she began her studies with Laoshi Andy Lee in 1992, Frances Buckelew has acquired an understanding of Tai Chi Chuan and related internal arts including Tai Chi sword, saber and Qigong. Grateful for the improved health she has experienced through her practice of Tai Chi, Fran seeks to promote its benefits through teaching Tai Chi classes at Edison Adult Evening School, Middlesex College, and other sites including senior centers. Starting as a Licensed Practical Nurse in1973, she then returned to college and graduated in 1981 with a Professional Nursing degree and becoming licensed through New Jersey State as a Registered Nurse. Most of her nursing career was hospital based adult medicine within the areas of Medical/Surgical, Medical ICU, CCU and Operating Room both scrub nurse and circulating nurse experience. With this knowledge and experience, she is able to reassure students who have physical problems about the safety and efficacy of their Tai Chi work.

During her years of study and exposure to various aspects of the Chinese culture, she has become interested in the study of Chinese Brush Painting. Her graceful paintings on the school walls acquaint students and visitors with the beauty of this art form. She has also studied the Mulan Fan Form and today, continues to study the Chinese language.

Fran is not only a student at Andy Lee's Tai Chi Chuan Center of NJ, a part of TAICHIUSA, but she is also the Chief Operating Office of the school. Making sure all the student's information and dues are maintained, she also organizes and schedules many other diverse activities and classes for all students, and visitors to the school, to enjoy. One of the most challenging activities of the school is the annual workshop in February, taught by Master Yang Jun. Not only the students of the school attend, but arrangements and preparation have to be organized for those students traveling to the workshop from out of state or out of town Also previsions for Master Yang Jun's stay as well.

This is all rewarding to Fran, knowing all who attend the school or workshops will benefit the advantages of doing and playing Tai Chi Chuan which will affect the rest of their lives in mind, body and soul.



  • Laoshi Andy Lee
  • Master Yang Zhen Duo
  • Master Yang Jun
  • Mr. B. P. Chan
  • Mr. C. S. Chow (Brush Painting)
  • Charles Coker (Daoist Qigong and Bagua Zhang)
  • Zhou Lou An (Mulan Fan Form)
  • Chao Derlin (Chinese Language Teacher)

Membership and Certifications:

  • Level 4 Rank from the International Yang Style
    Tai Chi Chuan Ranking Committee
  • International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association
  • International Yang Family Tai Chi Certified Instructor 
  • CPR certified
  • Registered Nurse with New Jersey licensure
A Morning Journey

The sun is balanced on the horizon
I can feel the morning heat upon me
As I walk down the worn, dirt path
To the spot I practice my Tai Chi.

My direction is towards the south
An offshore breeze softly brushes my face
I start my form with a deep breath
My first move sets the slow, controlled pace.

Wave hands like clouds, Single whip
Step out left, then to the right
I move effortlessly with feet deeply planted
My spirit and energy grows to a new height.

I am happy surrounded by nature
No tension or stress... I smile within.

Each day brings new discoveries
As my Tai Chi journey is to begin.

- Frannie Bee