July 22-27, 2016

North America Teacher Academy Training Program


In 2014 the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Teacher's Academy was established: a teacher training academy without walls, envisioned by Grand Master Yang Jun, to provide a high standardized training programs for Tai Chi Chuan students who aspired to become Teacher's Academy instructors. As many of you know, this program has been successfully initiated in Italy and Brazil. Here in the US, however, because of geographical circumstances and other factors, the program required further preparation and coordination. But now, our time has come, and we are thrilled to announce the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Teacher's Academy will begin training programs in North America in 2016! These programs will provide training courses and events for all students enrolled in the Teacher's Academy.

To start, the program will extend and include all of North America centers, 12 in the USA, one in Canada, and one in Mexico. For this exciting but major task, we have formed a team of directors to work closely with Grand Master Yang Jun, and Carl Meeks, Head of the Division of Education of Training and Vice-President of the Tai Chi Chuan Teacher Training Academy. It is my pleasure to introduce to you the team for the North America Teacher Academy Training Program:

Holly Sweeney-Hillman, Co-Training Director, Academic program

Bill Walsh, Co-Training Director, Advisor and Coordinator

Mari Lewis, Head Training Director, Administration

We are confident that together we will establish programs that will prepare and cultivate high standards for Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan instructors.

To initiate North American Teacher Academy Training, a Teacher Training Camp is planned for July 22-27, 2016, which will take place at Western Connecticut University in Danbury, CT. This Tai Chi Gong Camp is designed for two student population:

1) Certified Instructors who want to qualify to offer *TTM-1 credits and evaluations for students who want to earn a TTM-1 certificate.

2) Entry level teacher trainees who want to earn TTM-1 certificate which would qualify them to teach a traditional Yang family 16 movement form.

*TTM-1 stands for Teacher's Training Method-1, entry level certification to teach the 16 Movement Form

(TTM-1 is the new name for QICP.)

Grand Master Yang Jun will offer Tai Chi Gong, practical instruction with focus on 5 teaching directives, theory, and philosophy. Academy staff, Center Directors, guest teachers will offer classes in Chinese language basics, anatomy and biomechanics, history of Yang family, pedagogy, administration and standardized record keeping for the TTM program, etc. All courses will be eligible for Teacher's Academy credits.

This is a first time a Tai Chi Gong Camp will be offered for Teacher's Academy credits and we encourage all Teacher's Academy members and Tai Chi Chuan students from across the continents interested in earning teaching credits and/or certification to attend this exciting event!