Prices for the Center -  ALL Classes

Monthly Classes

$65.00 a month for 8 classes (2x week)

$75.00 a month for 12 classes (3x week)

$85.00 a month for unlimited classes

Yearly Classes

$850.00 annual membership for unlimited classes

(can be made in 2 or 3 equal payments)

Single Class - $25.00


Ten Class Card - $120.00 for 10 classes

used within ten weeks (1x a week)

Private Instruction with Andy Lee

In the Studio: One Practitioner-- $30.00

Two or more Practitioners sharing: $50.00

Outside Studio: One Practitioner-- $75.00

Two or more Practitioners 1 sharing: Total $100.00

A private session is 45 min.  24 Hour Notice for Cancellation


Pay-As-You-Go: Tai Chi - $25.00

The focus of Pay-As-You-Go classes, like the 10 class card, is to offer the flexibility needed by today's hectic schedule. However, the difference lays in the instructional approach. Pay-As-You-Go introduces the forms within a group class while the 10-class card emphasizes individual instruction. (The 10 Class Card includes the Pay-As-You-Go class, but Pay-As-You-Go doesn't include the 10 Class Card.

International Association Membership

Benefits of the $30 Annual Membership Dues includes

  • International Association Newsletter
  • 10% Discounts on products and seminars.
  • Ability to attend Push Hand Classes