Qigong Training

Song Ju You Cun—Standard Basic Training




8 Treasured Qigong Exercises

10 Daoist Exercises

Tai Chi Chuan Training

12 Preliminary Exercises: To enable the beginner to know, understand, and learn Tai Chi Chuan easily, the major movements are repeated as separate exercises. The practitioner is expected to remember the name of each movement. This will make it easier to practice the whole form.

These movements are introduced in Song Ju You Cun.

  • After Brush Knee legwork across floor, can join Tai Chi group form. However only legs—no arms.
  • 18 Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan
  • 49 Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan
  • 103 Long Form
  • Yang Style Tai Chi Saber
  • Yang Style Tai Chi Sword
  • Staff –for Energy wor
  • Push Hands—Joint Hand Operation With Fixed and Moving Step
  • 9 Circling Techniques - Fixed Step
    • Single Hand
    • Double Hand into Application
  • Circles with Energies - Moving Step
    • (Ding Bu Tui Shou) Fix Step
    • (Huo Bu Tui Shou) Moving Step
  • Da Lu—Free Form

Extras or Substitutions for Push Hands Only — in alphabetical order

  1. Baguà Zhang with Charles Coker, Harold Van Hise and Richard Shaw
    1. Standing Qigong
    2. Circle Walking
    3. Two-Player Drill Sets
  2. Li Jia
  3. Shaolin Broad Sword
  4. Shaolin-Tan Tui also known as 10 Sets or Springy Chicken Legs
    1. Paoquan—Linking Form of 10 Sets
      1. Health Fist
      2. Red River
  5. Simplified Form—24 Tai Chi Chuan Linking Form
  6. Single Mulan Fan Form
  7. Snake Qigong
  8. Tai Chi Chi also known as Tai Chi Ruler
    1. Ball
  9. Xingyiquan
    1. 5 Fists
    2. Advance Retreat
    3. Two-Player Drill Sets


Certified Instructor Training Program. We have a 2-year (about 250 hours) training process that involves theory, practice, and perception in understanding biomechanics.