Tai Chi Goes Well with Exercise

Did you know that exercise is the wonder drug?

 So do you exercise?   Do you go to the gym, run, play tennis, bike, or swim.   We have a suggestion for you; try Tai Chi.  What if you don't exercise?  Then read this NY Time article on why you should and then try Tai Chi.  

Tai Chi is a great exercise by itself because at first you are doing "nothing".  No sweat no pain but a lot of gain.  By the time you realized that you are in fact doing a lot it's too late.  You become hooked by the slow, graceful, large and even movements.  The perfect low impact exercise.  And while in the beginning it feels like you're doing nothing you're actually accomplishing at lot.  In the first three months we concentrate on the basics.  You're improving your balance, strengthening your legs, improving your circulation, increasing mobility and flexibility.  Your also practicing mindfulness, martial arts, and releasing stress.  So go to the gym or dirt biking and come do Tai Chi or just do Tai Chi.  Either way your body and your mind will thank you.

Free trial classes every Saturday 10:00-11:30 AM.  Other times available.