Why Practice Tai Chi? Balance

We have students some of whom need a little help with balance.  Some need a lot of aid. 

Chemo therapy takes a lot out of everyone.  One of the side effects is a loss of energy especially to stand.   Age is another process that can take a tollIf you let it.  With regular practice our students tell us they feel it helps restore and maintain their balance.  

Many sickness require medications.  Those meds help our bodies but do have undesirable side effects.  Surprising they often impeded people's sense of equilibrium.  

Falls and accidents are another cause of loss of balance.  (or a loss of balance can lead to some falls).  After one heals there is a prescribed period of rehabilitation.  But it's usually not long enough and it's usually not fun.  Critical but not definitely not fun.   Tai Chi has been incorporated by some of the most famous hospitals and centers as an alternative method.

There are many other issues we have seen; poor posture, osteoporosis, bad backs, vertigo, loss of limbs, and low blood sugar.   The list goes on an on.  

Balance is critical to our daily freedom, a foundation of our everyday lives. Tai Chi is not a miracle.  It's a lot harder then just taking the red pill.  But it's a lot more fun and has less side effects.  It has millions of practitioners and has been a healing agent for centuries.   

(Hurry our 9:30 AM Sat. free classes are ending in Aug.)