Why Practice Tai Chi? Disconnect

Remember the good old days?  When the only interruptions were people walking into your office and phone calls?  Then came the wave of emails and faxes.  Now we have more and more ways to connect.  Twitter with it's 140 character limit and seemingly a new method to run for president. Facebook which was a way to connect and to stay connected to people.  Now it's a way to get most of your news and watch videos.  Hope you like cats and dogs.  Instagram let's not forget Instagram.  And for those of the younger persuasion there's Snapchat, because 140 characters was just way to long and Facebook is so not cool.   For those of you who are really old there's the internet.  

All of this is conducted on the mobile device.  You might be thinking cell phone but who really bothers to talk to people anymore.   Anywhere and anytime you can stay connected to everything.  And everything is moving faster and faster everyday.  

It's no wonder that people feel the need to disconnect.  To have a time out. To unplug to gain control over their lives.  




Tai Chi is slow, is quiet, and does not ding or buzz.  

It requires your full and undivided attention, yes it does. 

It will help you to make sense of all that digital dust.  

It will aid in regaining focus on what is an ignore and what is a must.