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Tai Chi's Microcosmic Orbit Relaxes and Refreshes in Just 5 Minutes

Hug a Tree

Question: “What Do I do when I Hug-a-Tree/Zhan Zhuang?”

              Answer: The Microcosmic Orbit- (小周天) Xiăo Zhōu Tiān

microcosmic orbit


If you only have five minutes during the day and you want to recharge and relax than Hug a Tree could be the answer. 

Also referred to as the small heavenly cycle, this meditation allows you to increase, recycle, and store reservoirs of qi/chi/ in an energy center below your abdomen called the lower Dan Tien. This form of meditation balances all the Yin and Yang in your body.


Instructor: Master Andy Lee

Location: TAICHIUSA, 177 Main Street, East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Email:   Phone: 732 238 1414

Price: $25.00 (Free to current members of TAICHIUSA)

  Master Andy Lee reserves the right to limit, reject or deny enrollment of any student or to cancel any course.

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